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The Last Thing I'd Do
Evil and Dangerous Men
Batia (Good and Strong)
The Way of the World
Love and Other Acts of Prayer
Reflected Light Signature
Insert Girl's Name Here
Unimaginable Distance
The Sailor's Song (You are Mine)

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Rick Moses
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"Evil and Dangerous Men"  $9.99
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Inside Out
All My Life
Love in the Modern World
Why Not Tonight
The Fire
The Feelin' Runs Deep
Better Than the Dream
Don’t Ya Just Know
Love Hurts
If I Could Just Fall in Love
Get Ready
Heat Wave
Hold On
Shake the Devil Down
Still Alive
The Chance
True Love

Solaris Records is pleased to offer "The Rock Collection", a hard
driving, high energy, group of songs.
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Baby You Move Me
Face the Music
Part of the Game
Susannah '73
Somethin' Goin On
Miracle Man
John Frum America
Lay Your Head Against My Pillow
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